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I’m 29 living in San Diego, and you can find me either outdoors or behind a computer. I am a marketing director in La Jolla, and outside of work, I am involved in several projects through technology and motorsports. It’s an awesome time in my life, being close to family and in one of the world’s best hubs for easy access to all kinds of outdoors.  Deserts, alpine mountains, awesome beaches and world class skiing – all within a few hours of Outworld HQ.

Q) Why overlanding?

Overlanding is just one aspect of Outworld, but it’s something that more and more people identify with every day. The term originally defined vehicle-based travel over weeks and months, and commonly through different countries. Today it’s a blanket term that resonates with every level of camping enthusiasts.


For us, it’s a natural draw because of our love for building and exploring, and overlanding is a great blend of both.

Q) Why do you think overlanding is gaining popularity?

Two reasons: the aftermarket and social media. Vehicle and camping accessories have blown up in recent years, and something jaw-dropping releases every week it seems. Rooftop tents, pop up tents, awnings with built in living rooms, pressurized water tanks, solar charging – new companies and products are filling in every corner of the market.


And with how well these show on photo/video, customers and companies alike are getting tons of exposure through platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Reddit.

Q) Can you tell me a little bit about your first build?

My car in college was a 1997 Toyota 4Runner. After a fender bender, I was sitting on a check to replace my front bumper. I turned away from OE and instead bought an ARB bull bar. The rest was history: I needed a lift to match the bumper, tires to match the lift, wheels to match the tires. The same rabbit hole we all fall into and I loved every step.

Q) Closing Thoughts … tell us about the outworldhq.com

Outworld was born from that common thread of the outdoors that unites us all. While the project itself started as an expedition vehicle build, the team behind it are all lifelong outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s at a trailhead, a surf spot, ski lodge or an off road area, you encounter so many people with multiple passions. I rarely meet an off roader who doesn’t enjoy some other form of adventure, and especially in San Diego I cross paths with so many bikers, skiers and surfers who love switching it up with four wheel drive adventures. While people tend to stick to their closest hobby, the common love for the outdoors transcends those smaller communities and is a great tool to bring others together. We still have a big focus on the expedition builds, but we are just as excited to share the adventures that begin when we park the rigs. At its core, Outworld is a group of friends who want to experience the outdoors in the best ways we can imagine, and of course taking lots of great footage along the way.

Q) What advice would you give to someone embarking on their first overlanding adventure?

ENJOY THE PROCESS. It’s very easy to find inspiration in $30k+ builds, but it’s rarely all necessary. The key is starting with the right platform, because there are some very capable and dependable stock platforms. Starting small also helps you understand and appreciate future upgrades. I see dealer-built rigs all the time time that have never seen dirt. And while everyone is free to do what they want, they miss out on appreciating their own work, and possibly the understanding of what each upgrade offers. Don’t chase your dream rig and don’t build for validation. It’s your rig for your purpose and enjoyment.

Q) How do you think overlanding will save the world?

Overlanding has the same ability as off roading, and action sports overall, and that is uniting vastly different people. It’s a very community-centric hobby that tends to leave political and religious differences at home. Without getting too philosophical, we need opportunities that bring us together, especially in a time where it’s so easy to be divisive. For us, overlanding is a way to engage with a ton of other activities which keeps our bodies active, our minds working and souls fulfilled.

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