Surf-Simulating Skateboards

Skate Like You’re Surfing

Standup paddlers generally abide a “ride everything” philosophy. Paddling distance? A 14-foot displacement hull will work just fine. Groveling in summertime slop? A fun-shape 10’0″ makes for a fun ride on even the smallest ripples. Hitting the river? Inflatable, please. Barrels pumping? Drop it down to a 7’6″, add some slight nose rocker and wallah, time to get tubed.

But riding everything doesn’t necessarily end with SUP, or the water for that matter. For the many paddlers like me who enjoy taking their board-riding style to the streets, the Ahi by Bureo is a surfing simulator like no skateboard we’ve ever seen.

What’s even more unique than the board’s feel is its composition. Where the vast majority of skateboards are made out of wood, Bureo’s layup consists of plastic—recycled plastic fish nets. Bureo is an ocean-lifestyle brand founded on environmentalism, and as such, the signature material for their latest line of skateboards and sunglasses (the latter of which will be featured in our online sunglasses review this Fall) is a composite of reclaimed fishnet collected off the Chilean coast. Bureo locates and pulls the polluted fish traps from the Pacific, melts the material down and reforms it into products we can’t help but love. What’s more? Molding boards from plastic means design capability wood simply can’t offer. The Ahi comes equipped with a hole in the nose that can be used to lock your board up with a bike lock. And with “fish-scale” grip ingrained into the board itself, Bureo’s recycled carvers require only a modest amount of well-positioned grip tape to stay glued to your feet.