Spyderco Manix 2

Blade Magazine’s 2010 Most Innovative American Design.

Product Description

The lock operates around a free-floating ball bearing contained inside a custom polymer cage. The ball bearing’s round shape allows the lock to self-adjust across a large surface ensuring smooth and consistent lock-up every time it is engaged. The Ball Bearing Lock is engineered to be self contained meaning there is no need for internal liners to support it, allowing the folder to be manufactured liner-free and extraordinarily light weight. The translucent EdgeTek FRCP (fiberglass reinforced co-polymer) handle is semi-opaque dusk blue with a series of jimped areas molded around the handle’s perimeter. Additionally Bi-Directional Texturing covers both sides of the handle scale making the folder better for gripping in wet or uncertain conditions.


Just like the Kershaw steel, I found the blade to be incredibly easy to sharpen initially but very difficult to obtain a razors edge, with mediocre edge stability which dulls very quickly. It is important to note that only the Manix 2 Lightweight model contains CTS-BD1 steel, the other models are made of premium SV30 steel and come with a significantly higher price tag. Even though the steel can dull quickly after a few hours of hard use, the edge retention for light use is stellar. After carrying this blade every day for the past four months, I can safely say that the blade stays and is used in my every day carry rotation. “Light” is what this model is all about, from lightweight to light use. The blade outperforms any other similarly sized knife I have come across and continues to handle whatever is thrown at it. From quick food preparation at the campsite to opening boxes in the stockroom, this knife is comfortable and light enough to have in your pocket that you forget about it until the need arises; and when it does, the full size is welcome for the task, promising a sure grip with coldly efficient slicing. The wire pocket clip allows for further discretion among the average person while giving a deep enough ride that the knife won’t fall out or get caught on corners or brush as well. This knife is good but like everything, it isn\’t perfect. This particular blade has a number of competitors, such as the Benchmade 551 (Griptilian), Kershaw Cryo and the widely loved Spyderco Tenacious. Best Uses: Hiking & Backpacking Every Day Carry Backcountry Food Prep.

Q & A

Does this knife come with BD-1 or 154CM steel? The lightweight version has BD-1 steel. The heavier version (Black G-10, steel liners) used to have 154CM steel, but they’ve switched to S30V.

What’s better BD1 or S30v steel?Bd1 is much easier to sharpen. S30v will last longer and if sharpened properly will hold its edge just fine