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AWAYN is an adventure travel and digital media platform. This one-stop shop offers a unique local adventures along with complimentary travel booking tools to all travel enthusiasts.

We provides a strong, yet easy to access and user friendly, digital platform to both users and businesses to engage and collaborate. Our core belife is to empower AWAYN community to find the adventures they seek while giving a platform for local businesses to engage this massive market.

Our Services

Due to their in-feed placement and adaptable design, native ads often see up to 5-8x higher CTR than banner ads.

AWAYN empowers businesses to serve native contents, videos, and display-ads across thousands of targeted visitors on its site.

Allow us to create a tailor - made product tailored to your needs and your audience that combines relevant content from AWAYN and integrates your brand message.


Ranging from simple splash pages to dynamic, content-rich sites, AWAYN features social functionality, widgets, competitions, interactive quizzes and planning tools. Created by our in-house expert team, they are crafted individually for the sponsored brands to meet advertiser objectives.

Rich media ad unit

Productive media ad units are an excellent way to showcase sponsored brands, feature partner or co-op content, or leverage AWAYN content and assets in a cobranded solution. These ad units can house video or mapping and social media functionality and can drive to multiple destinations.

Content, Blog Articles

AWAYN's exceptional ambassadors are here to create a unique, authentic visual content that highlights sponsored brands. Written by our expert authors and staff, AWAYN articles are the freshest content has on offer, created around audience and objectives. On average, AWAYN online articles attract more than five minutes of engagement time each. In addition to valuable AWAYN editorial content, articles include 30 words of sponsored marketing copy at the base of the page, with a clickable logo and road-blocked media.

AWAYN Digital Magazine

AWAYN digital magazine feature reliable, informative and inspiring AWAYN content, carefully curated or custom-written by our expert authors and staff. They include dedicated space for your campaign messaging and can be downloaded within advertising or licensed for use on your platforms.


From the deepest oceans to the highest mountains, the most important cities to the most secluded forests We are about gritty, creative, visceral, inspiring, poignant films done by AWAYN creative artists, and ambassadors.

AWAYN sponsored videos offer original travel ideas, practical tips and advice, essential news and stunning photography – all delivered with humor, honesty, and freshness that you won’t find elsewhere.


An exclusive network. We facilitate on-going relationships and bridge the gap - cross-industry collaboration allows our clients to reach previously untapped industries + markets.

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