Most Comprehensive Travel Guide For
Local Adventures Around The World

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Most Comprehensive Travel Guide For Local Adventures Around The World

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Elevate your business with AWAYN business solution suits. Our global team of data scientists and A.I machine learning, hand in hand with AWAYN media publishing group can help you achieve your goals with a wide range of innovative solutions. The possibilities are endless.

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Compelling Stories For Your Brand

AWAYN empowers businesses to serve native contents, videos, and display-ads across millions of targeted visitors on its site, and mobile apps. Let us create an amazing, customized and unique product, tailored to your needs and your audience, by combining AWAYN contents and your brand message.

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AWAYN's exceptional ambassadors (our 600+ native writers around the world) are here to create a unique and authentic visual content that highlights your brands. Written by our experts, AWAYN articles are the freshest and most unique tools for show casing your business and brand.

On average, AWAYN on-line articles attract more than five minutes of engagement time each. In addition to valuable AWAYN editorial content, articles include around 30 words of your marketing context at the base of the page, with a click-able logo and road-blocked media.


From the deepest oceans to the highest mountains, the most vibrant cities to the most secluded forests, we are about gritty, creative, visceral, inspiring, poignant movies done by AWAYN creative artists, and ambassadors.

AWAYN sponsored videos offer original contents, practical tips and advice, essential news and stunning photography – all delivered with humor, honesty, and freshness that you won’t find elsewhere.

AWAYN Digital Magazine

AWAYN digital magazine feature reliable, informative and inspiring AWAYN content, carefully curated and custom-written by our experts. They include dedicated space for your campaign messaging and can be downloaded within advertising or licensed for use on your platforms.

Big data Meets Media

We provide our partners with meaningful data, tailored to their business needs and objectives, so they can increase their visibility, market share ,and sales. AWAYN proprietary A.I. machine learning algorithm, analyzes Geo-locational data of more than 250,000 POIs, along with related activities, user sentiments, topics of interests, bounce rate, revisits, and more to generate a comprehensive report that can be used for enhancing your business objectives.

Customer segmentation

Acquire and retain customers more effectively by analyzing the data they share with you. Apply machine learning for travel to create detailed segmentation and adapt your UX to different groups of travelers.


Accurately predict by accessing data on destination popularity and competitive analysis.

Sentiment analysis

Analyze customer review data from across the web to learn what people think about your service. Use supervised learning techniques to understand the emotions behind words and improve on feedback.

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