Sam Bischof
Arizona Edition

Here’s the eleven part of our interview series celebrating our own home state, the beautiful state of Arizona. 

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with amazingly talented Sam Bischof about his landscape photographies.

Q: Sam, can you tell us about yourself! What was your childhood like?

Awayn, thanks for having me! I am stoked to chat with you guys and think what you are doing and the community you have built is just awesome!

I grew up in Oregon. My parents bought a 10 acre piece of land on the side of a mountain surrounded by pristine Oregon forest. I think it was there that I first learned to love nature. My Mom taught me about plant life and wildflowers, and my Dad who’s studied wilderness survival most of his life passed his knowledge onto me as well. We literally lived on this property for 2 years without electricity or running water. My time as a child was spent outside with my little brother, roaming the woods and building forts. It was an amazing way to grow up.

Q: Was there anything specific that you can remember that made you want to become a photographer?

I remember I was living the corporate life to the extreme. I had been with a company for 3 years and had been promoted to Regional Director of our Arizona market. I thought I had a career all laid out in front of me until our corporate office decided to shut down our Arizona market. Just like that, I was out of a job. I was pissed. I decided to forge my own path and not let someone else control my earning. I bought my first DSLR (Canon 60D) with the intention of doing video work, shooting weddings and music videos. It really wasn’t until I had this camera and a couple lenses that I realized I could also start taking photos, so I did, and I fell in love with it.

Q: As a professional photographer what did you find so unique about Arizona?

After spending my childhood in Oregon, my family moved around a lot, but we finally ended up in Southern New Mexico in a little town called Alamogordo. My love of the outdoors had only grown, and being in a totally new environment like the desert, blew my mind. Everything was different. Everything was unique in it’s own beautiful way. The desert is a rugged place, and deserves to be photographed.

Q: What equipment do you use to captures your footage? And why? What are some of the challenges of using them?

I currently shoot on a Canon 80D. It works well for the run and gun video work I do, while still allowing me to capture stills. I’ll be purchasing a 5D soon, which is my dream camera. But I am a believer that it’s not fully about the gear. I truly enjoy the post processing and creating something beautiful out of what I have. The only challenges for me with this gear are just nerdy technical details like low light performance, cropped sensor, etc.

Q: What is the most memorable trip you have had in recent memory?

Most recently we hiked West Fork Trail north of Sedona. Oddly enough I had never been, and it’s gorgeous. It gives you a taste of the true diversity of AZ.

Q: What advice would you give to someone embarking on their first adventure?

Just keep doing it! Life is too short to be stuck in an office. Make a goal to explore somewhere new weekly, and capture it along the way. You will never regret being able to look back on photos and videos of your adventures.

Q: Closing Thoughts … How do you think photography and traveling have changed your view of the world?

Oh man, that’s a great question. Traveling first, is something that every human should do. My wife and I just spent two weeks in Thailand and it was amazing. I think there is so much to learn by traveling. Photography to me is my way of taking all those moments home with me. Photography has just increased my appreciation of nature and the beautiful world we live in. Thank you guys for having me! Keep up the great work!

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