Lysefjord hike

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Climbing Kjerag is difficult! It’s a 9km route with 3 steep ascents all mixed in with lots of climbing on rocks which can be really slippery if it rains. In total, there are around 600 meters of uphill hiking and, at times, it’s steep enough to need to use the guide chains which line the most challenging parts of the route. Most of the route is clearly marked with stone piles which have prominent red T’s painted onto them. The markings are positioned closely enough so that the next marking is visible making it easy enough to find the way. There are also some very pretty signposts that provide reassurance of being on the right path! The return journey is more difficult as there are lots of steep downhill sections and I was glad to have my awesome hiking buddy to help me along. As soon as I saw the Kjeragbolten boulder I knew stepping out onto it wasn’t an option as I’d potentially get dizzy and take a tumble. Not recommended when 1,000 meter drops are involved!The most difficult part of Kjeragbolten is stepping around the ledge onto the boulder. The rock itself is quite large and flat so there is a little wiggle room.

There are no shops on the climb so bring enough food and drink supplies for the hike! Hiking boots (we recommend boots rather than runners for the challenging terrain) Leggings Waterproof pants Long sleeve cold weather top T-shirt Lined waterproof jacket Hat Sunglasses Waterproof day bags for our camera equipment

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