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Zice Charterhouse – The Monastery with Splendor Beauty

Only once in the bluest of moons we come across a place that completely amazes us with its beauty and charm. Time stands still to witness those moments and we simply enter into a dimension and space that we never thought existed. Similar feelings resonate when you enter the mysterious world behind the walls of the Zice Charterhouse, a Carthusian Monastery, near Zice Village, North Eastern Slovenia. Once you enter this Monastery, its splendid history and rich heritage will catch you unaware, leaving you dumbstruck. 


Legend has it, that this Monastery was built on the instructions of St John the Baptist when he appeared in the dreams of Otokar III while he was resting under a tree in this area. It became home to the Carthusian monks for ages. These monks erected two separate structures of the monastery following the French Charterhouses. Zice Charterhouse has ever since, seen its highs and lows. It was once a center of politics and culture in the region. Following the raids by the Ottoman empire in 1531, Zice Charterhouse began to see its decline. And after it was abolished in 1782, it fell to its slow decay. 


However, the municipalities of Slovenia have gradually renovated and re-instated this monastery. It now gets an average of 20,000 visitors every year. The lower part houses a church and the rest of the place gives you an experience of unspoiled and untouched natural landscapes. Other attractions are the magnificent exhibitions housed in the upper monastery giving an account of its history, the sparkling wine on the monastery cellar, and the herb gardens. And not to forget, it houses one of the oldest guesthouses in Europe, the Gastruz Inn. 


So, Stop by, and dive into the glorious past of this amazing Slovenian heritage. Come and experience that peace and tranquility you always craved for. Come and Experience the Zice Charterhouse.



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