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Xigia Beach on Zakynthos sulfur bath paradise

Xigia Beach is located on the east coast of the northern part of Zakynthos Island in Greece. Its remote location doesn't stop people from visiting throughout the warm months, although the water here is always cold due to the depth and the large cliffs. If you're searching for long stretches of pristine sand, then Xigia Beach is not for you. However, its pebbly surface is also attractive and thanks to it, the water is crystal clear.

This region is known for sulfur mines, so the water contains a lot of this mineral. Besides being good for the skin and hair, swimming in this waters has also nerve-soothing properties.

Xigia Beach is a special spot and a must-see for all Zakynthos visitors. There are actually two sulfur beaches. One is wild and 15 minutes far from the road, while the other one is next to the road and of course, more crowded. Most of the people who come here by car from Zakynthos town stop at the tavern/bar on the top of the cliff of the second beach, from where they enjoy spectacular views of the sea.

If you prefer eating on the beach, instead of sitting at the tavern, you can order food at the bar on the beach, and it will be delivered from the cliff in a rollercoaster style basket all the way down. 

Xigia is a beautiful yet popular beach, so if looking for a private piece of paradise, you should visit in offseason. IN case you don't mind sharing the sun with a bunch of other people and you want to make new friends, then this is the place to be.

Have in mind that sulfur is a bad-smelling mineral, so after swimming in the water you'll leave the beach with a funny smell.


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