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Weekend in Rome - 3 days

Hi guys, this is my Italy/Rome trip review. If you are looking for good pasta and ice cream, this is your place. Also, Rome has really good historical places to visit. Pros: Rome itself is not a very big city, it means you can see a lot of good spots just walking around. Another good point is in the city every place there are maps and tourist help points around. Cons: During the spring/summer the city is freaking crowded and I noticed the streets were quite dirty. So, I was there for the weekend, maybe the public cleaning service was not working. Commuting: As I mentioned, I did not use the public transportation to see around the city. But, as the airport is not exactly in Rome, when I arrived I had to take a bus from the airport to the Rome center and a Taxi to my Hotel, nothing else. During all the weekend I was walking around, so as you noticed if you are going to only to see Rome and like to walk, renting a car is not necessary.

Accommodation: Regular Hotel. The price is nice and all staff people speak English and it's very well located. A lot of nice places less than 30 minutes walking. Following the link

Weather: It was really nice, not too hot and not cold. The average was about 25 degrees. So, if you planning to walk, don't forget the sunglasses, the sunblock, wear light clothes and keep a water bottle with you. Don't forget, it was spring, I have no idea how it is during the rest of the year. Food: As you know Italy is famous for the good food, principally pasta and its true! Ok, not exactly true at all, the pizza could be better. (: The Icecream is really good, very tasty. I tried a lot of different flavors. What to see: As I mentioned before, it's really easy to visit a lot of places per day. For example, the Colosseum, Circo Massimo,  Palatine Museum, AlteraDella Patria and the Pantheon are really near each other, so you are able to visit all of them in half day.

Best time: I did by myself the Angels and Daemons tour walking. This tour is based on the famous Dan Brown book. It covers S. Maria del Popolo church, S. Maria Della Vittoria church, Castel Sant'Angelo,St. Peter's Square, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Navona. As I was walking I was able to see nice places between each spot.If you want more info, following the link:  

Flight company: WizzAir - Direct flight from Katowice


Total days: 3


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