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Walk the Okuiya Niju Kazurabashi Bridge

Okuiya Niju Kazurabashi Bridge is a must visit but I also think there are too many people there. There are two similar bridges at Okuiya.

You can walk over them as many times as you like. There is a wooden cable cart (yaen), which was used to transport goods and people over the river. The cart hangs over cables and moves by pulling the ropes. Just remember that everyone goes to the Kazura bridges near the entrance of the valley, meaning they are ridiculously crowded and quite frankly, less impressive. Come further into the valley, and you'll see bridges that are both longer and quieter. There's also a platform that you can sit in and pull yourself across the river. If you want to see the scarecrow village (and you should), you can walk alongside the road for about 25 minutes.

I then took the bus back to Oboke and did the whole thing in reverse. Bring a packed lunch - eateries are hard to find in the valley.


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