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Walk or CYCLE IN Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

Located at the heart of Berlin's life and close to the city center bordering major sights like the Brandenburg Gate or Potsdamer Platz, these forested grounds cover a spreading of 210 hectares, attracts joggers, skaters, cyclists, and walkers, as well as those who just want to relax in the sun. The park’s expanding green gardens are popular for family picnics,  games or simply unwinding and is an ideal place to recharge.

This park also has a deep-rooted history in Germany.  

In the 17th century Friedrich III, the Duke of Prussia, turned this former royal hunting grounds into a park for the public. Tiergarten Park went under numerous re-designed but the most major makeover was during the Second World War. 

This place suffered dramatically in the wake of the war when Germany was facing an acute lack of coal in winter 1945/6, Berliners cut down what was left of the park’s trees as fuel, nearly deforesting the entire area. After Germany's defeat, this park was replanted with trees from 1949, largely thanks to the many donations of trees from across Germany.

This park is a great place for walking and cycling, in fact, it’s all walking and cycling paths as far as the eye can see! So take your time and really enjoy the day in here! 


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