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Walk on Dachstein Suspension Bridge

As the alps are becoming more popular, the winter resorts across this popular mountain range are putting extra energy into their tourist attractions.

The Dachstein glacier has been a popular tourist attraction every year, with lots of visitors arriving to see the beautiful views and the Ice Palaces. Once you get to the  Dachstein Glacier,  you will have numerous options to enjoy your trip. The skywalk, ice palace, glacier restaurant, via Ferrata, and much more, are accessible to visitors of all ages.  

The newest and most talked-about addition to this list of exciting attractions is "The Dachstein suspension bridge," which made out of a 100-meter long bridge with beautiful uninterrupted views of the alps. Thrills with views are almost 100% guaranteed on the Dachstein suspension bridge!  Stairway to nothingness offers breathtaking views across the mountains and down the rockface.

Also,  Austria's highest suspension bridge is linked to the Dachstein Ice Palace. The suspension bridge amazes with a view over Austria's highest peaks and an open line of sight 400 meters downwards over the rugged rocks of the Dachstein Massif. Just remember the temperature at the top is freezing and sometimes it's very windy. So bring your warm clothes and over trousers then get yourself a hot chocolate in the cafe. 


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