Wadden Islands


AWAYN IMAGE Wadden Islands
AWAYN IMAGE Wadden Islands
AWAYN IMAGE Wadden Islands
AWAYN IMAGE Wadden Islands

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Do you know what the unique thing to do in Netherland? Have you ever heard of crossing the sea on foot? You must be thinking that how it is possible? If you are looking for some excitement and adventure during your Netherland tour enjoy the mudflat hiking to reach the Wadden Islands through the Wadden Sea.

You can be a part of the exciting mud walking activity at the northern province of Friesland where the Wadden Sea is located. You may be wandering to know what this mud walking is. Actually, during the low tides, you can cross through the Wadden Sea and reach the other side on any of the island. You must return back before the high tides are back. This thrill attracts the people to visit this place. The warren sea is stretched across 500 km long and spread over an area of 10,000 Sq KM. Every day two times there are low tides and an area of up to 15 KM is exposed for the mud hikers to quickly reach the other side. 

This hiking activity is most popular among the German who calls it as Wattwandern and the Dutch call this activity as Wadlopen. This is their favourite time pass as they love hiking on the exposed mudflats. The mud-walking is a dangerous activity as there are spots where the mud can sink in without any sigh. Generally, the Wadlopen is conducted via guided tours where you must move along marked routes. The journey can be tiring, as there is no place to sit or relax. 

You have to so Wadlopen barefooted. As you walk, the soft sea mud will ooze around your fingers and naturally massage your foot. There are Cockles, mussels and worms wiggle moving under your feet. You will also find prawns, small crabs, snails, and starfishes by your ankles. Hope you can realize how much adventure and thrill this walk can give you? There are over the thousands of people who walk across the mudflats to reach any of the island crossing the Wadden Sea. This has to be a unique destination around the world that only locals know. This exciting adventure walk takes generally 4 hours to reach any of the islands crossing the Sea.

Although Mud Walking is an exciting adventurous activity, you need to take maximum protection before you decide to join the tour. An experienced tour guide is mandatory as they will guide you through the exact spots where to put the step on the mud. Make sure you wear the proper dress, like tracksuits or shorts, wear windproof jackets and cover yourself with hood, scarf and gloves. Most importantly, carry water and dry food with you. Spot your pick up site and start early. Generally, the hiking activity begins at 6 am. Enjoy this thrilling activity at the UNESCO World Heritage site and lock the mesmerizing experiences in your travel memories forever.

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