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Visit the Wawel Castle in Cracow

The most important collection of buildings in Poland is by far the glorious ensemble that is Wawel, perched on top of the hill of the same name just south of the Old Town.

Wawel is a sign of domestic pride, hope, self-rule and not least of all ferocious patriotism, offering a unique Polish version of British Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey mixed into one. Wawel is a magnificent collection of predominantly Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic buildings dating back to around the 14th century. It is the crown jewel of Krakow's architectural treasures and requires visits for both Poles and visitors.

Ticketing is a bit confusing as no ticket covers all you need to select each of the places you want to visit and purchase a separate ticket for each one so the best way would be for you to check out the royal and state apartments, the tower and the (free) cathedral. Leave the dragons den to last as you have to climb loads of stairs to visit it and you're coming out next to the river and you won't want to climb back to the castle.


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