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Visit the magical San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is one of the most scenic alpine towns not only in southwest Argentina but also on the South American continent. The architecture of Centro Cívico, the downtown of Bariloche, and the boutique-like chocolate shops give an impression of a typical Swiss town. Pleasant for a summer stroll, the town center is full of restaurants and cafes overlooking the Nahuel Huapi Lake and its magnificent surroundings. 

Formed by melting glaciers, this lake is one of the main attractions of Bariloche. Nahuel Huapi is not just a lake, but also a national park that offers indefinite outdoor activities throughout the year.

During the winter months, ski and snowboard fanatics can enjoy the slopes of the surrounding mountains, while in summer, the lake offers kayaking, swimming, and fishing adventures. Whether you'll choose to drive around through the park or go hiking, Nahuel Huapi is a place that will leave you breathless.

If you want to explore further, you can take a couple of hour drive from the town and check out the neighboring park Lanin, with its extraordinary 12388.45 ft volcano. Although Lanín volcano hasn't been active for over than 10.000 years, it is still not an extinct one. With the crater under a glacier, this volcano produces random tremors.

You can also hop to Villa la Angostura, a mountain village famous for the arrayán tree forests. The tree is known in Mapuche culture as a part of their traditional medicine. 

Bariloche is one of a kind experience that all alpine lovers must visit. When western people think of Latin America, the last thing on their mind is skiing, but in a place like this is as a natural miracle that will blow your mind away. Plus, who can say no to a premium chocolate bar and a glass of Argentinian wine? 



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