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Visit the Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal was constructed in 1799 at Badi Choupad, Jaipur's Pink City. It's got 953 screens on the walls outside. The beautifully sculpted windows formed honeycomb enable wind to flow through the palace and make it a perfect summer palace. The palace has sculpted and vaulted tiny chhatris or dome-shaped pavilions displaying the wealth of vibrant architecture of Rajputana. The palace walls have 953 jharokha or overhanging balconies from which new and cool air can flow.

The most distinctive element of the palace is that it is always passed by a light breeze. That's how it received its name from the palace. Hawa implies wind, the Wind Palace.

In the early morning when the sun enters the rooms from the windows, the best time to visit Hawa Mahal is. Golden sun lamps illuminate the mahal.


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