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Visit the El Meco

Off the beaten track and with few signs to indicate where the actual Mayan ruin site is located, El Meco is well a preserved site that many tourist forget to visit before heading to Cancun beaches or hopping on the Isla Mujeres ferry. 

El Meco is the highest archaeological structure in the northern peninsula (12m/40ft) which supports archaeological findings that this location was used for maritime navigation. Archaeologists believe that this small city was first inhabited in 200 AD and subsequently abandoned around 600 AD. It was during this time the community served as an important civil and ceremonial center. It was also during this time that nearby settlements, San Miguelito and El Rey worked with El Meco to further develop the Maya inland and sea trade networks.  From the top of the Castillo structure you can get an impressive view of the surrounding area.

This was the tallest structure in the area and could of been an t important vantage point to survey incoming ships. By far one of the most fascinating attractions of taking your vacations in Cancun is its ancient Mayan legacy with hundreds of archeological sites to be explored in and around the Yucatan Peninsula. Not many people are aware that Cancun itself is home to Mayan ruins with El Meco and El Rey among the most notable.


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