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Visit Pecos National Historical Park

National Historical Park of Pecos preserves the cultural remains of Indian pueblos and Pecos. Visitors learn about the ancient geography and cultural exchange of the park.

Pecos has 12,000 years of history, including two Spanish Colonial Missions, Santa Fe Trail sites, Forked Lightning Ranch's 20th century ranch history, and Glorieta Pass Civil War Battle site. The only areas currently open to visitors are the ruins trail, picnic area, and visitor center. Closed areas such as Forked Lightning Ranch, Santa Fe Trail, and Glorieta's Civil War Battlefield are only available through guided tours by rangers. Please contact the visitor center to schedule a tour.This park is amazing, you will learn so much about the Pecos Pueblo Indians. Walk the village ruins and learn about village life and the coming of the Spanish missionaries and how it affected the Pecos. Descend into a kiva to really feel a part of Native American Culture. There are stops along the trail that explain the various sites. The museum shop has many books and memorabilia for sale as well as helpful staff who will be happy to explain about the Pecos tribe.


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