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Visit Belvédère Hotel: The abandoned jewel of the Swiss Alps

Right along the very busy route to a landmark in the globe. Having been here for over 135 years, it has been a trial of moment.

The scenic highway that curves the picturesque mountainside with its narrow switchbacks draws numerous visitors. There's the Rhone Glacier with its ice grotto— a one hundred meter lengthy tunnel drilled every year through the river in an unearthly blue shade— as well as appealing walking, climbing and biking alternatives. In the 1964 James Bond movie Goldfinger, the Furka Pass even performed a short cameo.

The hotel itself has been steadily declining and for some moment not being refurbished leading to its fall. There seemed to be gaps in the steps. In the event of an emergency with no' healthy' escape paths in the event of an incident, it was obsolete. The plant shared showers and bathrooms. Some even claimed that the mattresses were packed with so ancient horse hair.

Because of the receding glacier, the construction has moved on its base.

This hotel finally shut its gates in 2015. It may be feasible to re-open, but the decrease in tourism to the declining Rhone Glacier appears to have.


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