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Umpqua Hot Springs Trail

The 0.3-mile trail is a steep climb to a 3-foot-by-5-foot "tub" hewn from the travertine deposits around the springs. Day-Use Only-open from sunrise to sunset-is the hot springs, trail and trailhead. Use is very high and at this popular site nudity is common. The springs are located at a temperature of 108 degrees above the North Umpqua Wild and Scenic River on a bare rock face of 150 feet. Water flows through an active fault, resulting in 100 to 115 degree temperatures. There is a view across the river from the tub of Surprise Falls. An open-air roof structure shelters the tub. Although there is no fee for walking the trail, at the trailhead there is a day-use fee.


 TakeOR-138 east / north-east Diamond Lake Boulevard from Roseburg, OR. Follow Highway 138 east and at milepost 59 turn left onto Forest Road 34. Turn left across the concrete bridge at the bottom of the hill. Take Forest Road 3401 for 2.2 miles and turn right. Go 0.7 miles to the left side of a parking area.


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