Turtle Magic Mountain In Duisburg


AWAYN IMAGE Turtle Magic Mountain In Duisburg
AWAYN IMAGE Turtle Magic Mountain In Duisburg
AWAYN IMAGE Turtle Magic Mountain In Duisburg
AWAYN IMAGE Turtle Magic Mountain In Duisburg

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It is quite a sight! And it is good fun to walk around. I'd never seen anything quite like it and it really is worth going to see and having a walk around.

This piece of art stands atop a 75 meter high hill and walking at the top of the rollercoaster nets you around 115 meters height.

Tiger and Turtle-Magic Mountain is the 21-meter-high sculptural walkway, located on a hilltop in Duisburg, Germany.


A staircase winds across the steel structure's surface, which spirals like the ride on the fairground around itself.


Visitors can climb to the sculpture where it meets the floor, but the center's loop-the-loop prohibits anyone from walking a complete circuit.


The construction's vibrant sweeps and curves inscribe themselves into the landscape as a signature and soar up to 21 meters high. The metallic glossy track generates the feeling of velocity and over-acceleration from a distance. The alleged lane, seen from close up, turns out to be a stairway that follows the course of the rollercoaster, elaborately winding.


The visitor can walk up the artwork. Although the course defines a closed loop, as the looping arises as a physical obstacle, it is difficult to achieve it.  On top, the visitor is rewarded with an exceptional perspective over the Western Ruhr countryside at the highest point of the sculpture–45 meters above floor.

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