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Travel to Tena Ecuador in the Amazon Rainforest

Tena is an attractive spot in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, also known as the cinnamon capital of the country. Surrounded by spectacular nature and whitewater opportunity, you can visit the town after your jungle adventure. Spending some time kayaking or rafting down its gorgeous rivers will make you understand why Tena gets so many adventurous visitors every year. 

The architecture of the town is not something that will knock you off your feet, but that's why the friendly spirit of the locals will make you feel like home. The lush green hills and the jungle vegetation will introduce you to the further deep-rainforest trips that you can take from the town. Backpackers-friendly, Tena is a welcoming place, will exotic cuisine, and affordable prices for everyone who seeks for a unique experience. 

One of the things that everyone must visit while in Tena is Parque Amazonica, located between Pano and Tena. If you want to live a true rainforest adventure, then hire a guide who will take you 15-20 km (10-12 mi) out of town and prepare yourself for an outstanding view of the mother of all rivers, the Amazon. 

Only five hours away from the capital Quito, Tena has a population of only 13.000, including the indigenous tribes, Quichua, Quijos, and Chibcha. Everyone who wants to learn more about these ancient cultures and their natural medicine ceremonies can ask around in town and join a tour that has access to these jungle communities. 

The town of Tena has two parts, connected by two separated bridges (motor vehicles and pedestrian). The climate is humid with most rainfall in June/July. If you're planning on a visit, make sure you have high-ankle hiking footwear, mosquito repellents, and a good camera. 

All in all, Tena is an unforgettable adventurous experience that everyone who comes to Ecuador must live for at least a week!



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