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The Unusual Kyrkö Car Cemetery


If you ever happen to be in southern Sweden and you are a car fanatic, then probably you will enjoy a visit to the Kyrkö Car Cemetery. As weird as this may sound, but a bunch of car junk gained more popularity over the years than some world-heritage museums. A decay of old Volvos and Saabs is what you can expect to see in this unique place where it seems like the movie director will yell cut at any moment. 

Honestly, being able to visit a real-life car cemetery seems like a perfect setting for a horror movie. 

Kyrkö Car Cemetery story begun in 1935 when Åke Danielsson bought a forested bog where he was collecting natural fertilizers. After a long time doing it by hand and after the demand grew, he decided to build a peat shredder from old car engines to help him increase the production. 

With the beginning of World War II, a lot of people from the area started escaping or gettiing killed, leaving behind a lot of cars that Åke started exploring and dismantling. Gathering a significant number of car parts that he learned all about, after a while, he ventured into a new business opportunity that was operating with spare car parts. 

With time, the empty car shells formed a type of surrealistic exposition in the forest and started attracting a lot of attention. Although the authorities were opposing the idea of having as much junk in a natural environment, Åke's supporters managed to preserve the car cemetery, giving it a contemporary art credit, which is discussible. 

Åke Danielsson died in 2000, and his car cemetery still remains on the same spot. To get here, you need to follow Hwy 119 for about a mile and a half west from the town of Ryd. 



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