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The Fairy Glen

An unusual and delightful miniature landscape of grassy, cone-shaped hills, the Fairy valley (sometimes spelled Faerie Glen) could be a fascinating and intuitive place to go to on a sunny summer's day. A specific route is usually recommended; however, the precise path taken matters little - this is often a place to explore.


There is no formal parking, and also the space becomes very busy; please park considerately while not blocking any access tracks or passing places. 

Take the path that leaves the A87 close to the Uig building - signed for Sheader and Balnaknock. Once many homes the Fairy valley comes into reading ahead as you descend. 

Use the trail up the bracken ridge ahead, on the left facet of the road. Continue on towards the way finish of the hill before down its left slope on natural grass into a marshy hollow. 



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