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The Teufelskanzel near Lindewerra in the west of the Thuringian district Eichsfeld ( Germany ) is at about 452  m above sea level. NHN  located Buntsandstein rock block on the Höhenberg mountain range , which belongs to the Obereichsfeld and Lower Werrabergland . It offers good views especially on the Werra loop at Lindewerra.

Unlike the summit of the wooded Junkerkuppe, the Devil's Pulpit is a good vantage point, though it is also in the forest. From there, the view of the horseshoe-shaped and about 312 meters below Werra loop drops (about  140  m ) in Lindewerra and Oberrieden and among other things to Hohen Meissner and Kaufunger forest in northeastern Hessian mountains.The Teufelskanzel can be reached on forest and hiking trails, for example during a walk along the Hercules Trail starting at the nearby Hanstein castle ruin , but also starting, for example, in the village of Lindewerra or at the Rothenbach homestead . A few meters south-southeast and slightly below the rock is the small Waldgasthaus Teufelskanzel .

Well known is the legend of the Teufelskanzel  .


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