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Hiking in Tenerife

Tenerife’s landscape creates perfect terrain for hiking with mountains, coastal paths, secluded villages and volcanic geology to offer. Hiking in Tenerife has long been popular amongst Europeans, yet you’ll find plenty of seclusion as you explore some of the more remote parts of the island. Mount Teide at Sunrise Mount Teide stands 3,718 metres tall at the centre of the park and is the highest mountain in the whole of Spain. Many hikers make it their ultimate challenge to reach the summit of the mountain by sunrise. The reward of stunning views over the volcanic landscape of the island and ocean beyond make the early start well worth it. Of course, you will need a good level of physical fitness, map or guide and torches to attempt this climb. Those who begin to feel very out of breath should descend as thin air can cause problems. Pre-dawn temperatures can also be very cold, even in summer. Lighter Hikes Alternatively, you can hike the final stretch to the summit of Mount Teide after taking a cable car the rest of the way up. From the end of the cable car the hike to the summit takes around an hour. Montana Blanca, the park’s third highest peak is a much easier walk and still offers very rewarding views, so this is a good option for people seeking a more moderate hike.  


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