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Tamanawas Falls Trail

A beautiful hike with beautiful falls.I would rate Tamanawas Falls as fairly easy. Great to do during the spring to summer and perhaps difficult to reach during the winter time unless you have an all-wheel drive vehicle as the trailhead is at the base of Mount Hood. It's moderate at its most challenging; pleasant and misty as you walk up with the creek to your left. A couple of charming foot bridges dot the path as the terrain grows ever-so-slightly alpine in the 400-foot elevation gain. Tamanawas Falls is my favorite kind of hike. Uphill enough that you feel like you're actually getting something of a workout, but not so strenuous that you feel like you want to fling yourself off the top of the falls in protest. The hike does get a bit more challenging towards the end, as you traverse several switchbacks trough a rocky patch that will make you feel like you're tromping through Mordor. Getting to the falls is the perfect reward to those last grueling feet of trail, though. You hear its roar before you see it, but as it comes into view, it'll make you want to do your best Daniel Day Lewis in "Last of the Mohicans" impression; the water rushing through a cut in the craggy rocks, slender fir trees soaring past the edge of the cliffs, refreshing mist floating through the air.


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