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Take on a Gondola Getaway

enjoy a relaxing cruise around the canals of Naples in the city of Long Beach, California. Sit back, sip on a cool beverage and let our gondoliers row you and your guests back in time. Established in 1982, the Gondola Getaway is the gondola company that was first to offer Venetian style gondola cruises in the United States. Many have come on board since our beginning.

My gondolier was the charming Jeremy. He was very good at keeping the conversation flowing and giving us our space when we needed it. He even sang us two songs which was quite lovely. Apparently there is a tradition of kissing for luck when you go under a bridge (awww). The whole ride lasts about an hour and I recommend coming right when the sun goes down so you can experience the ride in some light and in the dark at the same time.

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