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Swimming in Kuang Si Falls

Kuang Si Falls is one of the most beautiful and epic falls in Laso. This place is about an hour away from Luang Prabang. 

The best part about the Kuang Si falls is that in addition to being mind-blowingly gorgeous, you can also take a plunge in those same tiered pools of turqouise blue water. There are two pools you can swim in, one at the main area, as well as at the very top, but please be a considerate tourist and take note of the signs saying no swimming in certain areas, as some pools are considered sacred by the local population. Alsom the water is not very warm and some fish will eat your dead skin if you are barefoot. 

To avoid the crowds make sure to go early. At 8 am we had the place to ourselves but by 11:00 am the lot was full. 

On your way to this fall you should also stop by to see the Asiatic Black Bears at TAT KUANG SI BEAR RESCUE CENTRE  which are protected by "The Free the Bears" organization. 

At first glance, this rescue centre slightly looks like a  zoo more than a sanctuary but fret not! This is not a zoo but a place where animals recover from serious mistreatment or abuse. Although affected by their lives before the sanctuary, they are quite lively and respond very well to their keepers. The sancturary is only rely on donations or T-shirt sales so consider dontaing to them.



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