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Swim & Surf in Sant Sebastía

Sant Sebastía is one of the oldest swimming areas in the city, and the Club Natació here began hosting dips for the elite in the early 20th century.

This beach is close to the center of the action on the south side of Barceloneta near the sail-shaped W Hotel. This part of town is generally quiet enough to still hear the waves over the bicycle bells ringing on the promenade.

The history, plus the convenience to the center of town, draws an older crowd and families in the morning. By the time the sun hits its afternoon peak, the crowd gives way to a more boisterous gathering.

The beach is also home to the Pukas Surf School, evidence that on days after a storm, surfers come to vie for modest waves.

Fun fact: Sant Sebastía caused quite a stir when it became the first bathing area in the city to allow men and women to swim together.

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