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Camp at Havasu Falls

This is one of those places where you try to find out as much as possible before you go. However, information seems hard to come by.  START EARLY!! we started at 4am the hike down wasnt to bad. It took us about 4 hours when we finally hit the village,checked in, got in for free btw because im a tribal member. so if youre native american and have a tribal ID bring your card.. made our way down to the campsite. walking down the cliff made stairs we look to our right and see the best waterfall ever seen. found a nice campsite set up camp. went swimming at havasu falls the first day. the next day we hiked down mooney falls and to beaver falls and swam at navajo falls.. the trip was well worth it and the hike is deff worth it .. the hike back out, whoooole different story, we ran out of water half way through lol almost died on the way out. the last mile is straight up all switchbacks.. i wouldnt recommend riding the horses because theyre abused so if u cant hike out take the helicopter out which is like 88 bucks. ill do that next time. the hike in is fine


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