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Stroll around Herengracht

One of the most interesting neighborhoods in old Amsterdam, and most certainly one or the areas you will come to your mind when you mention the city.

In the 17th century, the richest merchants and the most influential regents and mayors of the city lived on this canal.


Although the city was founded in 1275, most of the older houses date from after 1600.


After the fire, the city council put a ban on the construction of wooden houses.

In the 17th century this house was the stage of a dramatic love story between the rich merchant's daughter Elisabeth de Flines and her father's servant. Father Louis de Flines used all his power and influence to prevent a marriage between his daughter and the servant. But father Louis had her tracked down and brought back, and then he forced her to marry a gunsmith.

The Herengracht is the perfect place for any occasion: sitting down for lunch on the sunny terrace and bites at the Herengracht bar, or enjoying dinner in style and ending the day with a cocktail.

Some here during spring, which this places gets very peaceful in spite of the hectic activity around it, and full of beautiful colors. You will most certainly shoot dozens of pictures.

Recommended for a walk in warm sunlight.




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