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Stourhead Bridge Gardens


Stourhead is one of the first-class examples of the English landscape fashion of garden; an exceptional Arcadian sketch begun by Henry Hoare in 1741. 


The concept behind the Arcadian movement used to be to create an idealized version of classical antiquity. The Arcadian ideal is the type of background scene you see in many Italian Renaissance portraits, including the Mona Lisa; a panorama full of allegory in the shape of cautiously placed mock ruins and classical Greek or Roman temples and monuments. 


The fantastic way to experience Hoare's unique imaginative and prescient is to follow an anti-clockwise route around the lake. As you stroll, you will trap glimpses across the lake of eye-catching temples and different constructions thru openings in the timber and bushes. Then when you arrive at the constructing, you see any other vista to a distinct goal. In 1765 Horace Walpole described the view from the Temple of Apollo as "one of the most picturesque in the world."

If you have any children, then there are masses of space to run round .



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