Stokksnes Vatnajokull National Park


AWAYN IMAGE Stokksnes Vatnajokull National Park
AWAYN IMAGE Stokksnes Vatnajokull National Park
AWAYN IMAGE Stokksnes Vatnajokull National Park
AWAYN IMAGE Stokksnes Vatnajokull National Park

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If you were looking for an amazing photograph showing the Earth's natural beauty at its finest, your search is over. On the peninsula of Stokksnes in Iceland, Vestrahorn has dramatic peaks of up to 454 meters (1490 ft). It rises from a flat, black sand beach and dominates the view while a gentle, clear lagoon lap is located on the shore. This sharp contrast, along with your Instagram, will surely set your heart on fire. We can see why this mysterious mountain has fascinated visitors for years, lovingly nicknamed the "Batman Mountain," but it has received mainstream attention only recently. 

Vestrahorn is situated near Höfn on Iceland's Southeast Coast. You may find it hard to find the exact location on Google Maps so we included a map to help you at the end of this article. It may be a bit hard to find, but once you get there, thank you and us for this amazing sight! 

From Höfn: take Route 99 (Hafnavegur) away from Höfn and stay to the right as it becomes Route 1 (Thorvegur). Follow this road until Stoksness turns right. Be careful as the road turns into a narrow space gravel road. Continue along this road and you'll see a Viking Cafe in the corner. Follow any signs you see for the Radar Base and you will see the grand mountain on the left. 

From Reykjavík take Route 1 (Thorvegur) from Reykjavik, after 451km you will see the turning point to Höfn on Route 99 (Hafnavegur). Make sure you stick to the road's left side and follow Route 1. Take the signposted road from South to Stokksnes radar station after about 7km. The Viking Cafe and the mountain are coming into view soon. Get ready for your camera! 

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