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Stiltsville Collection of 7 Houses a Mile Off the Florida Coast

Biscayne Bay is home to the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, the Port of Miami (from which one in seven cruise passengers worldwide depart), a 172,000 acre National Park that includes the only underwater archeological trail of the NPS, and more than a dozen artificial islands.

Great place to visit and take low-cost, quintessentially Miami house guests.  I've been sailing and kayaking here twice, different experiences both times.  

The houses are a haven for birds, except for the one private maintained house.  The birds are there for the fish, and if you spend time, they make it interesting to watch.

Houses in Stiltsville provide convenient spaces for lunch, waiting for a storm or as an activity base. Two other kayaks and a family on a motorboat joined us at home for lunch and being friendly to strangers in Miami was really cool; a unique experience in itself.   NOTE: No trespassing is posted on the houses and the Miami Police is authorized to quote you.  The water around the houses is shallow enough to wade around and look for shells of conch or chillax.  Depending on tides and wind, it can be difficult and dangerous to cross the main boating channel.


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