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Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve Whittemore Gulch and Harkins Ridge Loop

've hiked this trail a couple times and it's always great. I seem to forget it's so close from the Peninsula but hopefully I'll remember now how cool it is, so close to home. We hiked the Whittemore trail last week. Being winter, it was drizzly and foggy, but it was like being on set in a Twilight movie so I didn't mind. The pretty green moss growing on the trees just added to the mystique of our hike. The weather also kept most people at bay so we almost had the whole forest to ourselves. It was fun and I can't wait to do the actual Purisima Creek trail again. And look for the honey vendor in the parking lot near Skylawn where the 92 and Skyline Blvd intersect. I love their locally grown honey. At $10 for a good sized jar or $20 for the larger one, it's great! They usually have 4-5 types. I got the wildflower honey from San Mateo last time. They also had other types like lavender, orange, and sage, too.


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