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Red Cliffs Desert Reserve MTB

This is one of our favorite ways to spend the day in Saint George. Great southwest scenery with red rocks galore! The best way to ride this is fromProspector/Church Rocks/Dino Cliffs trail. It's fairly easy slick-rock and singletrack riding but some parts are not marked so you'll to look up around.  To get there from Church Rocks, drop down the last long slickrock section on Church Rocks(going south) stay right and veer up the wash (west). Branch off of Church Rocks and climb the relatively steep hill to the left (south). This is a short Prospector trail connector. After cresting the hill, turn left at the intersection and then right down the south side of the hill. About halfway down the hill, look for the singletrack that branches to the right. It climbs onto a sandstone ledge. Follow this for about a half mile and then cross a doubletrack and then you'll see a Dino Cliff sign...  you might see a "Closed" sign but most hikers/bikers are using the trail so go ahead and get there. Double track on the south side of Dino and back to the Washington park is nothing special. Make sure to avoid the sandy climb on Dino cliff btw.


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