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Spend a day in Cape Brett

This 16 kilometre hike through rugged terrain and native bush provides sweeping coastal views and an amazing viewing point of the famous Hole in the Rock. 

The track is eight hours one way and biking and dogs are not permitted on the track. Starting at Oke Bay in Rawhiti, the track starts out through forested ridges but quite soon showcases the spectacular coastal scenery. It’s easy to spot fish, dolphins and seals in the clear waters below. 

One of the best side-routes on the track is down to Deep Water Cove, which adds an additional 1 hour return but provides a secluded area for swimming and snorkelling. The last part of the track is the most challenging, with three hours of rough hiking to reach the famous Cape Brett lighthouse. From there, the Outer Bay of Islands, Poor Knights Island and Cavalli Islands come into sight. 

Near the lighthouse is the Cape Brett hut, which is a serviced facility for cooking and sleeping. Bookings are required and cost a small fee of $40. 

The area is rich in Maori history, with remains of their ancient pa sites (fortified villages) visible throughout the walk. 

The rewards from the Cape Brett hike have ranked it in the top 100 in the world and provides an intimate experience with New Zealand nature. Don’t be surprised if you hear bell birds, tui, fantails, kiwis, gannets and wood pigeons. 



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