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Sil River Canyon

Some places amaze us that are worth the long distance traveling, others we fall in love with for their utmost serenity and natural beauty, and then there are places where the Mother Nature has worked her magic.  


Witnessing the Sil River canyon can be one of the mesmerizing things you can ever experience in your life. Whether you are an avid traveler or a nature fanatic, for sure you will fall in love with its beauty and serenity. 

In our article today, we will walk you through some of the amazing facts about Sil river canyon. 



One of the largest rivers 

If you are an avid traveler you should already know that Sil River is the one of the Spain’s largest rivers. The river flows through Leon and Ourense and makes its way through Lugo. The total length of the river is 234 kms. 

Another river that is very popular is Mino. Mino is ranked as 9th river in Spain and is considered as the most significant river of Galicia. 

Mino River and Sil River join at Os Peares 

Both the Mino River and Sil River join at Os Peares.  80% of the water flows through Sil River whereas Mino River has 20% water flow. Keeping this fact there is very famous saying about these rivers that goes, “The Miño River carries the fame, but the Sil river carries the water.” 

It is not the higher water flow but the Sil river is also 20 kilometers longer than the Mino river. 

The famous Santo Estevo Dam 

About 10 kilometers both Sil River and Mino river join in, you will find Santo Estevo dam. Santo Estevo dam is one of the biggest and popular dams in Europe. The dam was built in 50s. The total length of the dammed water is 43 kilometers and the height of the dam is approximately 120 meters. 

The dam is constructed in one of the steepest areas of the river canyon. Many of the Sil Canyon landscapes are modified by the construction of the dam. Even the river is too deep but 500 meters high cliffs are still there. The heightened cliffs look magnificent and travelers of call them ‘Galician fiords.’ 

The magnificent landscapes of sil canyon

Due to the construction of the dam the landscape of the Sil Canyon were modified significantly. The beautiful and gigantic landscapes will amaze you that are scattered on both sides of the river. There are several viewpoints that catch attention. The most famous landscapes are Cividade, Cardiras, and Boqueirino which are scattered on the northern side. On the southern side the viewpoints of Vilouxe, Balcones de Madrid and Cabezoas give a magnificent look. 

From the blue to the green river that looks fascinating to the gigantic mountains touching the clear blue sky, Sil River Canyon is a captivating place. Chances are you will lose your heart somewhere between the wilderness, so hold it tight.

Sil River Canyon is a must go place, if you love beautiful landscapes. Get your tickets booked today and enjoy your trip. 



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