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Selexyz Dominicanen

Sitting right in the heart of the historic city of Maastricht in the Netherlands, this 700-year-old church has been both a pilgrimage as well as a storage place for ages. As a Catholic church in the past, its detailed stonework and beautiful backdrop has been a center of attraction for the masses. When Napoleon invaded the place in 1794, it was used as a storage house for his troops and equipment. In the yesteryears, this was used as a warehouse and more recently to keep bikes.


In 2005, a team of efficient architects from Amsterdam revived and renovated this entire place and transformed this almost dead space into what stands today as the Selexyz Dominicanen bookstore. With loads of commercial enhancements and a huge three-story shelving island at the center, this bookstore is easily one of the grandest in the world. With a magnificent backdrop and staircases, walkways and elevators that run through the shelves, you will be amazed to see the extraordinary combination of gothic and modern architectural brilliance.


There are many reasons to visit this colossal bookstore. The fact that this almost dead part of our rich history and heritage is now standing tall, wonderfully restored is more than enough. Of course, not to forget the black steel shelves that hold a massive collection of books for the book lover in you. Despite biblical opposition to avoid commercial activities in churches, this bookstore continues to operate today. Taking inspirations from the historic church that it once used to be, you will see subtle incorporations in little things in the bookstore, such as the large cross-shaped reading table.


Now celebrated and felicitated with many awards for its uniqueness and beauty, this grand building has more than a bookstore experience in the offing. So, whether you love books or not, Visit Selexyz Dominicanen and you will be bound to fall in love with both.


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