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East Pocket Lookout

Car camping at one of the most incredible overlooks in Arizona known to locals as “The End of The World,” the perfect nickname to describe this climactic viewpoint. Flagstaff sits upon a lofty plateau carpeted in high-elevation pine forest, but just south of town, the bottom drops out. Below a craggy rim of volcanic rock, the land takes a precipitous plunge into an entirely different world of red rock and sandstone towers. This is the realm of Sedona, and End of The World overlooks all of it. Following the A. B. Young Trail, the hike to the East Pocket Lookout Tower climbs up the steep west side of Oak Creek Canyon. First constructed in the late 1880s, this route was rebuilt by the CCC under the supervision of A. B. Young. Steep and sinuous for most of the way, this hike is worth it simply for the views.


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