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Take a picture with Santa Maddalena Picturesque village

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Italy, then look no more because Santa Maddalena village is the most picturesque village in Italy, with only 390 residents. The village is tiny, with a beautiful church, and the Odle Mountains in the background. The village itself is one of the most photographed spots not only in Italy but in entire Europe, so if you want to skyrocket your Instagram profile followers section, bring your camera. 

The entire area around the village is beautiful and perfect for hiking enthusiasts who want to explore this part of the world. Only a couple of miles from Santa Maddalena you can see the Zannes mountain pasture which is the starting point for many trails that lead up the mountains. The Pues-Odle nature park is the best location for mountaineers from all levels, and the trails are walkable throughout the year, which means that you can visit any time you want. 

One of the best trails to explore from Santa Maddalena is the Adolf Munkel trail that goes up to the peaks of Odle Mountains. From above, you can see the entire area, the green hills, the pasture, the village church, and the spectacular mountains. 

If you come during the winter, you can enjoy skiing, and if you're not into this sport, you can only use the ski lift to reach the peaks and admire the white fairytale from above. 

No matter when you decide to come to Santa Maddalena, you will fall in love with this surreal village and its extraordinary natural beauty. 

Personally, my favorite time of the year to come here is during the summer, when the sunsets from the pasture are absolutely mind-blowing. Santa Maddalena is a unique spot and one of the most beautiful hidden gems that our planet has.



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