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Explore the history of San Ignacio Mini Jesuit ruins

The ruins of San Ignacio Miní, a seventeenth-century Jesuit mission complex, stand in the middle of the rainforest of Argentina. In an area of South America that now includes parts of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, the Jesuits set up 30 missions to convert the indigenous Guaraní population. Built in the baroque Spanish style in 1666, San Ignacio Miní was strongly influenced by indigenous motifs. San Ignacio Miní had a central square with buildings clustered around it in accordance with the prescribed layout of all missions. The complex was equipped with a variety of resources including a hospital, a school, dormitories, and a beautiful stone church with an interior of wood. 

If you enjoy history, you'd definitely enjoy San Ignacio Mini's sights. Although you can't begin to imagine what it was like when you heard the stories in the best conditions. That's if you manage to get an English-speaking tour guide to explain everything. If you get the chance while you're in San Ignacio, try not to miss the well-organized night light show on the Mission grounds. It provides a wonderful insight into the area's history and encountered hardships. 


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