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Salinas Grandes Stop

Salinas Grandes, a massive salt desert covering around 3,200 square miles, is located in Salta and Jujuy provinces in northwest Argentina, Salinas Grandes is known as the world’s third largest plateau. What was once a large lake has now turned into a vast salt field, creating a spectacular landscape surrounded by mountains.. The area used to be a lake but once it dried up, all the salt somehow concentrated in this area.  In the present day, it’s for all intents and purposes an area for mining salt, but as a visitor, aside from the random mounds of salt scattered here and there. Have a high regard for the beauty of the sheer size of the salty, high-altitude expanse of the Salinas Grandes Salt Fields, which serve as host to a very unique ecosystem. Stopover the “Big Salt Works,” one of the chief excavation sites in the Puna, and hear some enthralling facts about the salt extraction process.

Local perceptions on climate, soil, geomorphology, water, environments, vegetation, fauna, and technology and management practices of natural resources were surveyed. Prevalent knowledge and individual wits boost a higher social flexibility of the group to stresses. The resilience of the local semiosphere can be measured by the set of knowledge of the community measured as the entropy of the information about the behavior of the ecosystem. Protocols for construction of development programs should be reviewed, to adequate traditional technologies instead of applying new ones. Explore and unwind the immense flat sheets of Salinas Grandes which is known to be the nature’s third largest plateau, and explore the unique ecosystem of Puna, demarcated by salt fields to the degree that the eye can see. Unearth the enigmas of salt extraction all through your visit to a major excavation site.

There’s no admission fee to enter the flats.  When we (I was on a private tour) parked the car, I walked right over to the left salt basin since that’s the side bordered by the mountains, and just tried to take in the scale of Salinas Grandes somewhat of an impossible feat since it’s just so flat and open; aside from the mountains that contain the basin there’s nothing you could use to help yourself assess the scale and those mountain ranges looked tiny. 



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