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Ruins of Gleno dam – Vilminore di Scalve

Drive to Vilminore, park your car. Walk on the CAI 411 path from the village of Pianezza at 1265 meters from Vilminore to the Gleno Dam at 1520 meters above sea level. The Gleno Dam was a multi-arch dam built on the Gleno River in the Scalve Valley in the northern province of Bergamo, Italy. The dam was built between 1916 and 1923 to produce hydroelectric power in the valley. A portion of the dam failed and burst forty days after its reservoir was full on December 1, 1923, killing at least 356 people.In the period of August you leave the car in Vilminore di Scalve, you reach the square where there is the shuttle bus that takes you to Pianezza, the bus is every quarter of an hour, the ticket costs € 4 return and you buy at the Imperial bar. The dike is a very impressive place and quite easy to reach, ideal for everyone. Breathtaking views, spectacular views.


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