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Take pictures at Rowena Crest Viewpoint

If you want to take that perfect Instagramable photo visit the Rowena crest Viewpoint.  Rowena crest Viewpoint is one of the most photographed locations in the pacific southwest. It's famous for its windy road and the iconic horseshoe cure along the road. Make sure to keep your phones and cameras handy while traveling to it, because in the way you will witness some amazing photographic spots. 

In Rowena Crest, you will witness a valley of spring yellow flowers to purple and blue wildflowers. A candy to eye! 

This breathtaking viewpoint is located at the top of the hill that overlooks both the Columbia River and the Columbia river highway. You will witness some lush and fertile woods. The natural beauty of this place is like a candy shop for photographers. Photos cannot explain how beautiful this place is. You will be mesmerized by its amazing views and being in nature will take away all your hustle-bustle of city life. 

Once you reach the viewpoint, you can feel the cold breeze against your face taking away all your worries. You can sit there and watch the sunset or sunrise. Felling a sense of pure silence. You can sit there quietly and indulge in your own self-thoughts. It’s a perfect gateway to all your worries. Whether you want to be on your own or take a hike with your friends, it’s a perfect place for both. You can feel all the stress lift away from your shoulders, feel all your worries go away. 

Rowena Crest's viewpoint is easily accessible. Its almost a 30 minutes drive from Hood River. This viewpoint tops the list of must-visit attractions in the Oregon region. Be ready to witness some cold and windy air. 



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