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Rio Celeste

Located in the Costa Rican wilderness, the Rio Celeste is a stunning tropical gem whose iconic blue hue has turned it into a favorite tourist spot.  

Located in the middle of the forests of the Tenorio Volcano National Park the river and well as waterfalls get's it's coloration from a combination of sulfur & calcium carbonate which are seeded into the water from the nearby volcano. Pictures  that are taken in this area are constantly getting accused of being photoshopped , but the simple chemistry in the river’s depths is genuine.  

Along the blue the river, there are multiple hot springs and an impressive waterfall, all the same in a synthetic blue. 

Many of the surrounding guesthouses/hotels have tail paths that leads directly to Rio Celeste . Admission for non-residents is $12. A 4x4 is STRONGLY recommended for getting to the park entrance, and for Costa Rica in general. Locals will try and convince you to rent galoshes at the door, but you will be fine in sensible shoes.



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