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Reading Between the lines

Chocolates & Chips, Bruges Canals, Castles & Belfries, and the world’s finest beers. And that’s not the end of the list of things you find in this European Country. Let’s try to decode Belgium and find out more for you.

Belgium is known for its magnificent medieval architecture and its UNESCO World Heritage sites. You get to see everything from primitive stalactite caves to heritage sites of the post-industrial era. There is so much more to see in Belgium right from Forest Rivers to beaches of the North Sea. Museums in their beautifully built galleries give you a glorious account of its past. And then you get to see the weirdest of Carnivals in Belgium that leave you in a state of unending frenzy.

However, this beautiful country has had a brutal and ravaged past. It is also known as the Cockpit of Europe because of being at the center stage of all the battle and wars. The Lion’s Mound overlooking the famous Battlefield of Waterloo and a panoramic painting depicting the battle is a center of attraction for many visiting the Brussels. Sensitive commemoration of WWI martyrs at the Flanders Fields and numerous museums to honor the WWII soldiers, Belgium will leave you haunted and thinking of the devastation this beautiful nation once ran into.

Belgium is famous for its fine chocolates and waffles. And of course, not to forget, the planet’s finest of beers. Brewing is like an art form in Belgium, most famous being the Trappist beer, which leaves all the beer lovers asking for more.

While you may find the historical art cities full of beautiful museums and galleries, you might also want to feel the serenity of the profoundly rural Belgian Countryside. Loads of fun to have either way.

So, pack your bags and let your wanderlust be quenched.Visit Belgium and Create Memories that sure will be etched in you till the end of time.


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