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Poás Volcano, Costa Rica

The Poás Volcano, is an active 2,708-metre stratovolcano in central Costa Rica and is located within Poas Volcano National Park. It has erupted 40 times since 1828, including April, 2017 when visitors and residents were evacuated. Good visitor center, great view of the crater, and some easy hikes through the cloud forest. Caveats: The park is currently closed because of volcanic activity - check before you go. Also, this is cloud forest, and it is often raining or fogged in to the point you can't see the crater. It tends to be most clear early in the morning. Again, check before you go. Also, dress warmly. Yes, this is the tropics, but unless it's a bright sunny day, you'll need a light jacket, especially if there is any wind or rain or fog.


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