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Plouzane, France Hidden Gem

Plouzané is a small commune in the municipality of Finistère in France, and it is the furthermost point in France that sticks into the Atlantic Ocean. Boasting a dramatic landscape and rugged coastline, Plouzané is a perfect day trip to do from Brest, although a little bit hard to find due to its remote location. However, after arriving at this spot with an easy-to-access parking lot, you'll immediately fall in love with the spectacular views and the awe-inspiring sunsets. Even if you visit Plouzané on an overcast day, the views are as gorgeous, and perfect for professional photographers.

The highlight of visiting this French jewel is the Petit Minou Lighthouse that operates for centuries. From the parking lot, there is a beautiful paved path that leads to the lighthouse where you can enjoy staring at the ocean and feel the endless force of Nature. 

Although outstanding, this place is never crowded, so if you ever decide to visit, it's most likely you'll get to experience it on your own. The peace and tranquility and at the same time the roaring ocean waves will make you feel like standing at the edge of the world, realizing how trapped you are spending most of your time at the office. 

From the lighthouse that was open to the public before, but not anymore, you can descend to a tiny sand beach from where you can make even better shots. Even the fact that you can't go inside Petit Minou, shouldn't stop you visiting this extraordinary and fascinating place that looks as surreal as it gets. 

Plouzané is a no brainer that should jump high on your must-visit list if you ever come to this part of France. 

The most adventures visitors of this tiny commune can also try surfing as the waves here are immense. Good luck! 



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